Saturday, July 23, 2011

Discovery of the Holy Brush: the Photoshop Miracle

Well, to me it is a miracle. I hate Photoshop. No, no, it hates me. I try and try to paint in it but it's painfully horrible. The result is always horrific too (well I worked around that on my Oh Tee Pee pic but it's an exception). However I never gave up. I was sure I was missing something, probably very obvious, that would allow me to blend colors without making things look like they were painted with a crayon in the hands of a 3 year old. Like this (eeeewwwww ugh ugh):
(And here's the version of this pic painted on SAI)

So I wasn't feeling like doing anything tonight, much less art, but I ended up perusing some beautiful galleries on DA and found a tutorial. Tutorials are super interesting (as long as you can understand them... also always look for the ones by really good artists... there are too many newbie and bad artists doing tutorials, avoid those). So on a whim I doodled to try the brushes from it, and this came out:
Do you see how much less it sucks? It still sucks (and nevermind the animu girls... I'm on an animu high this month) but OH GOD SO MUCH LESS. I can actually draw and paint with it. It has a lineart so it's not a proper testing for painting, but still so much better than my past experiences with Photoshop. I'm so happy I could cry lol. Here's the link to my saviour: a tutorial by Sandara at DA.

Thank you Sandara, you changed my life XD

Pessoal BR, acho que não vai dar pra escrever tudo isso em português não, mas o básico é que o Photoshop sempre me odiou e acho horrível pintar nele, mas nunca desisti. Tinha algo muito óbvio que tinha certeza que estava faltando eu ver. Aí o tutorial do link acima me mostrou o caminho X)