Saturday, December 3, 2011

+ old Tegaki colors

Coisas antigas do Tegaki (é um site pra se desenhar ok XD): Dyani de um grupo de rp e umas cores que nunca terminei nesse desenho aqui.  (Neverwinter Nights: HotU)
Só pra não deixar o blog morrer né!

Old Tegaki stuff, Dyani from a roleplay group and progress on coloring of this pic (Neverwinter Nights: HotU characters)
Just to keep the blog alive!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tentativa para um trabalho... acho que não vai rolar, tá muito em cima da hora e informações vagas + pouco feedback + artista bloqueada = trabalho problemático. Não sei porque tá saindo meio realista... ugh. Mas ei, to desenhando pelo menos? Bléee (odiando)

This is just a try for a job that I don't think will happen. Vague info + little feedback + blocked artist = problematic job. It's turning out kinda realistic too... ugh. But hey I'm drawing, I guess. (hating it)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello to you.
I'm reversing my last decision about just writing in English here. I might leave English mostly for Tumblr. (OH YES indecisive). Because having TWO English only blogs doesn't really make much sense?
Anyway, slight hiatus is obvious. This huge art block is killing me, killing meeee.
This was probably the only thing I drew (last night) that I like.She's from this post.

Olá para você (VOSE!)
Fique tranquilo que não vou escrever dois blogs em inglês (não que alguém não estivesse tranquilo com isso). Pensei melhor e não faz muito sentido. Talvez deixarei o inglês pro Tumblr. Acho que tem mais brasucas aqui que lá, ou não?
Enfim, isto tá meio em pausa, porque eu nunca tive um art block tão horrível (tão grande e longo, sim, mas nunca sofri tanto com isso ahuehae). Jjá conversei com várias pessoas (colegas de profissão?), e eu até desenho uma coisa ou outra às vezes, mas detesto.
Isso aqui é a primeira coisa que gosto. Tá um lixo, mas foi rascunhão rápido XD

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Just a pretty old Tegaki pic of my Neverwinter Nights character Tinde Signe, a "playful" elf lady ranger who carried a one handed sword bigger than her in Hordes of The Underdark (and who happens to look very androgynous here)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Party Camp

PS sketch of Iselae, my main Dalish Elf from DAO (old art here) done after freelance work, for no reason (to get out of art block). It helped a bit I guess.
I'm becoming friends with Photoshop for the first time really, after editing my tablet settings with the help of this thread:

This is silly but I think I'm gonna tag my PCs (playable characters) as fanart AND original, I don't think they fit with just fanart...

(cross-posted from my tumblr)

Também não vou mais escrever em português mas duvido que alguem ligue.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A decent blogging site?! + ME meme sketches

So my tumblr ( is giving me problems and driving me crazy. It's buggy/complicated, you can read my last post about it there. And now blogger changes on me too. F*CK.
*tears hair out*
I'm so frustrated right now and not only because of this crap... but also for my art block which you can read about on tumblr.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

weird little girl

Faço nem idéia ^^'
Traí o movimento anti-hipster e fiz um tumblr. Quero testá-lo e só depois vou ver se gosto, se fico só lá e deixo o blogger, ou se continuo os dois, ou se uso um pra cada coisa (um pra fanart apenas? sei não... ) ou uso o tumblr só pra seguir os artistas que gosto... não sei, mas esse aqui é tão... morto e carente de comentários, que muito pior não fica XD Capaz de só escrever em inglês no Tumblr tbm. Aqui o link: Elciled é um portmanteau dos nomes de minhas avós, Elza e Otaciled (é esquisito mesmo... ela não usa esse nome, mas esse é o nome de batismo). Achei que ficou tipo nome de algum pistolerooooo de algum filme ridículo HAUHEUAHA. Eu usei na minha conta da Live BR (Xbox) há tempos e adorei... queria poder trocar o nome da minha Live USA com ela :P
Instalei o DISQUS aqui tbm no lugar dos comentários pra facilitar.

I have no idea ^^'
I made a tumblr. I want to test it to see if I'll post both here and there, same or different content (for now it's the same), or move there. Or stay only here and use tumblr to follow people. But this place is very dead so I don't think it makes a difference heheh. If any reader out there has a preference, concern or advice just let me know. I've also installed DISQUS here on my blogger so it should be easier to comment. You don't need to log in (or you can log in with various different accounts), and it's easy to subscribe to conversations. Oh, my tumblr:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Once vampires

Rascunho antigo. Maddie (minha perso baseada na Emilie Autumn) e Vore, eles eram personagens vampiros meus mas eu mudei a Maddie pra não arriscar um processo XD E o Vore tá no limbo dos meus personagens sem uso... a nova Maddie tá lá tbm mas eu gosto pacas dela. Talvez eu dê twintails (o penteado) de volta à ela, é bem a personalidade dela.

Old sketches. Maddie (oc based on Emilie Autumn) and Vore, old vampire characters of mine... but I changed Maddie's look cause I don't wanna risk a lawsuit XD Vore is in unused character limbo... Maddie's new look is there too but I quite like her. Will probably give her twintails back, it suits her.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doodles are allowed

Rabiscos aleatórios enquanto eu esperava o professor na aula (de desenho)... a mesa que uso dá uma textura no lápis.

Random sketches while I waited for my teacher in (art) class... the table I used gives the pencil lines a lot of texture.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

John McClane

Pois é, outra postagem assim, seguida! Aproveitei e escaneei o McClane (personagem de Bruce Willis em Die Hard)
Tenho feito ele nas aulas de desenho, por conta própria mesmo...  cansei de fazer rosto de modelos lindas cheia de photoshop+maquiagem. Vi o Bruce, adoro ele, tive que fazer! Lápis de cor aquarelável Faber-Castell. Vários defeitos. Mas as proporções tão aceitáveis (faço tudo no olho mesmo, odeio medir tudo XD) Tá tipo 99,8% terminado. Meu scanner é uma multi-coisas toscona que odeia A3...

Colored pencils practice in class... no measuring/grid/etc. Just eyeballing.
Bad scan is bad... my scanner cannot fit A3 paper and there's no way around it (it has borders.... so it leaves shadows... so I can't scan it in parts and put it together :C )
His lips are bugging me... but it's hard to fix colored pencil mistakes!
Still gonna do small tweaks to this though.


Passei o dia na vó. Levei o moleskine e resolvi testar. Isso é o que acontece quando você pega uma foto de 3 centímetros de um filósofo feioso que você nunca viu e tenta desenhar sem parar pra ver o desenho todo... proporções horrendas. Não que eu ligue... nunca fui fã do cara. Olha o queixão que eu dei pra ele.

Spent the day at grandma's. Took my moleskine and tried it out. This is the result of trying to draw from a 3 centimeter photo of an ugly philosopher you never saw before, without stopping to actually see the whole thing.... horrid proportions. Not that I care... never been a fan of the guy. Look at the big chin I gave him.

Monday, August 1, 2011

RPG ladies

Blogger tá de sacanagem hj com postar imagens...

Random PS sketches for practice... can you tell perspective and I don't get along?
Illuada, my super sexy Aasimar from Icewind Dale II, and Aleja Shepard wearing scribbles... I wanna try drawing her in ME1 armor, I liked it better.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Discovery of the Holy Brush: the Photoshop Miracle

Well, to me it is a miracle. I hate Photoshop. No, no, it hates me. I try and try to paint in it but it's painfully horrible. The result is always horrific too (well I worked around that on my Oh Tee Pee pic but it's an exception). However I never gave up. I was sure I was missing something, probably very obvious, that would allow me to blend colors without making things look like they were painted with a crayon in the hands of a 3 year old. Like this (eeeewwwww ugh ugh):
(And here's the version of this pic painted on SAI)

So I wasn't feeling like doing anything tonight, much less art, but I ended up perusing some beautiful galleries on DA and found a tutorial. Tutorials are super interesting (as long as you can understand them... also always look for the ones by really good artists... there are too many newbie and bad artists doing tutorials, avoid those). So on a whim I doodled to try the brushes from it, and this came out:
Do you see how much less it sucks? It still sucks (and nevermind the animu girls... I'm on an animu high this month) but OH GOD SO MUCH LESS. I can actually draw and paint with it. It has a lineart so it's not a proper testing for painting, but still so much better than my past experiences with Photoshop. I'm so happy I could cry lol. Here's the link to my saviour: a tutorial by Sandara at DA.

Thank you Sandara, you changed my life XD

Pessoal BR, acho que não vai dar pra escrever tudo isso em português não, mas o básico é que o Photoshop sempre me odiou e acho horrível pintar nele, mas nunca desisti. Tinha algo muito óbvio que tinha certeza que estava faltando eu ver. Aí o tutorial do link acima me mostrou o caminho X)

Monday, June 27, 2011


I missed posting here even if I'm alone ><
I'm kinda lost at what I wanna focus on right now, art-wise, so I feel a bit stumped and unispired. I just really need to get back into drawing a lot.
These are some sketches from my last sketchbook, it's been almost a year since I've touched it I think, because I couldn't get my scanner to work and that discouraged me. I mostly sketch on the pc now, but I sketch less also.

Yngwiie, the character on the bottom is also here.
Eu amo esses dois aí embaixo XD

Saturday, May 14, 2011

TM commission sketch

First sketch... I'm kinda out of ideas for poses, tried sereveral, meh o.o Character by Zanabi

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Naked people... unicorn... and alien...

I warned you 9:
First two are old, from tegaki, my characters. I still love that unicorn dude.
Last one is ShepxGarrus, what else.

O aviso tá em inglês então esse post tem um aviso atrasado pra vocês: pessoas peladas (e unicórnio, e alienígena)
To achando que vou acabar tendo que por aquele aviso do blogger pra pivete não entrar desavisado...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tegaki stuff

Old stuff (2009) done on Tegaki
All original characters by me. I'm not sure if I should have tags for all characters D:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old sketches

Sketches from... 2008? I don't know, something around that o.o
It's always good to look at old stuff and see how you've improved...
The first is a few concept sketches for a Subeta pet that I showed the owner I wanted to adopt her from (I still have her <3 she's a Glacier Sheeta), as part of my adoption application. I like the concept of adoptions from Subeta (though they're sorta complicated to explain here). I also love the pets, they're the best o_o Even though I'm only a bit active during events there, I still love my pets ;o;
The second is a mechanical pencil drawing of my original character Harlein, it was supposed to be a follow-up to a pic of me putting make up on him XD

Rascunhos de 2008, por aí...
É sempre bom ver seus desenhos velhos e notar o quanto melhoramos o9
O primeiro é uns rascunhos pra concept de uma personagem dum pet de Subeta, que eu mostrei pro dono pra pedir pra adotá-la (ainda é minha <3 é uma Glacier Sheeta). Gosto do conceito de adoções de pets do Subeta (mas é meio complicado de explicar). E amo os pets, são lindos o_o Apesar de só ser ativa no site duranto eventos e olhe lá, ainda amo meus pets ;o;
O segundo é um desenho à lapiseira do meu personagem Harlein, era pra ser a parte seguinte de um em que eu coloco maquiagem nele XD

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

TinierMe Hanami contest entry

For a contest at the TinierMe website.
I had a hard time trying to figure out the design of the yukata from just the TM art, the ohashori part looks specially confusing >< But the coloring process was fun... I painted partly over my sketch, merged the lineart with the color layers, getting rid of most of the lineart, and later added back some lines within the painting/coloring itself.

Para um concurso do site TinierMe.
Tive dificuldades em tentar entender o design dessa yukata pelo desenho no TM, a parte do ohashori é especialmente confusa >< Mas a parte das cores fluiu... Pintei sobre o rascunho, juntei a camada da lineart com a das cores, tirando a maior parte das linhas, e depois adicionei de volta algumas linhas na própria pintura/colorização.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Couple speedie sketch

I forgot to post this one :B I'm working on it right now, will post progress soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

coloring more Serenity and Matthew chibis

The second set of chibis from this post ^^ I'm still shading.
Again, characters belong to Souchu and Beranyth at DeviantArt

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

coloring Serenity and Matthew chibis

Still lots of work to do on this one, but here's some progress from the sketch here.
Souchu and Beranyth's characters again :3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chibi lurve

Serenity and Matthew, characters by Souchu and Beranyth ^^ I'm messing around with my chibi styles a bit XD

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Todd colors

Still an early-ish stage... I started this in greyscale as you can see in the previous post.
I just noticed the colors look more intense in SAI than in PS CS5 õ.o

Ainda num estágio meio inicial... Comecei isso em escala de cinzas como podem ver no post anterior. Notei que as cores ficam mais intensas no SAI que no PS CS5 õ.o

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Niki's commission progress

Progress so far of Niki's commission (nevermind the faces and colors at this point, just filling shapes and shading in)

Commission da Niki até agora (rostos e cores vão ser mudados, só to preenchendo as cores e sombreamento básico)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dragon Age roughs

Steps of commission for NikaAzure at deviantART, her Dragon Age: Origin characters

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

S2 lol

If you don't know what this is, you haven't been paying attention.
Or my sketches are just messier than I thought.

Se você não sabe o que é isso, você não tem prestado atenção.
Ou meus rascunhos são piores que eu pensei.